Get Your Lazy Butt Off the Couch… It’s Bad

Do you ever come home from school or just spend your weekends and days off siting on the couch, watching TV, and eating something when you’re not even hungry or something that you don’t even like and eat it just cause. Well STOP. It’s really bad for you. So I’m here to maybe scare you into stopping this bad habit ( If you care about your health ).

Overeating causes you to gain extra pounds that creates fat that is not needed and  can lead to long-term illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, arthritis and other severe illnesses. These diseases can effect the way you live your life. Diabetes runs in my family and I see how hard it is to maintain your blood sugar, take insulin, and only be allowed a limited amount of sweet foods. Now with heart disease. Do I even have to tell you what’s bad about this. You need your heart to be healthy so you don’t die. many people with heart disease can get things starting from minor attacks to just plainly dropping died. I don’t think you want to just drop dead and die do you.

In the short term over eating can cause nausea, headaches, insomnia, mood swings, shortness of breath, chest pains. Severe acne, hair loss due to vitamin deficiency, and other cosmetic problems can also effect your self esteem and maybe even your social life.

I mean i’m no saying you can’t eat a lot but at least eat something healthy once in a while. If you want something salty and kinda sweet snack on trail mix. If you want something healthy and at the same time want to mask it with normal food have celery and peanut butter. what ever you want to eat just eat in moderation and exercise. Sitting on the couch all day isn’t going to help you either.

what can happen if you don’t listen:

Excessive eating > Lack of exercise and/or movement (sitting on the couch or laying bed watching TV for hours) > obesity, heart disease, diabetes > dramatic impact on social and just life period and unappealing physique > lowering self esteem > insecurity > eating disorders ( anorexia, bulimia ) > VERY severe illnesses or in very bad cases death.


Social Media: Advantage? Disadvantage?

Yeah, it’s fun and all but did you ever think of the bad things? (do you even care?)

First and foremost it can cause a severe negative detrimental outcome on both mental and possibly physical heath of any excessive user ( me… sometimes). Spending hours on it isn’t very healthy either. It can get addicting and very time consuming. It distracts you from what you should really be doing like homework, chores or anything important ( personal experience ). It can ruin your reputation, how people know you as a person. If you make a baby mistake offline at home or with a small group of friends then it can easily be forgotten. But, when you do it online MANY people will know and some may never forget it. Then those people will tell other people and so on ruining how people see you as not only a friend or family member but, as a person.

Now on to the advantages. It’s just fun. Plus, if you weren’t on it you’d be so out of touch with the world and new things that most of your friends might know and you can become very anti-social ( SOCIAL media. It’s in the name ). You can communicate with people that live far away. For example my grandma only has a Facebook so she can communicate with our family in the Philippines. Lastly, again its just really fun. Taking picyures of every little thing you see or I guess for crazy people who think everyone cares that they sneezed or farted you can post that too.

That is what I think the advantages and disadvantages of social media. Thank you for your time.

anim na linggo

Para sa linggong ito ako ay pakikipag-ugnayan sa lahat ng aking mga kapwa Pilipino. Ito ay ang tanging pamana ng mina kung saan Nauunawaan ko ang wika kaya naisip ko na gusto kong isulat ang entry na ito sa tagalog . Dahil Sumulat ako sa tagalog Pupunta ako sa magsulat tungkol sa maraming mga Estados Unidos ng Amerika dahil kung ako ay sumusulat sa ingles Gusto ko ay sumusulat tungkol sa Pilipinas , kaya ang maaari kong switich ito ng kaunti .

Maraming mga bagay na sinasabi tungkol sa Estados Unidos ng Amerika . Maaari ko bang magbutas ka kasama ang lahat ng mga katotohanan at ang rebolusyon Amerikano at Gobyerno at edukasyon mga bagay tulad na ngunit sa halip Pupunta ako sa sabihin sa iyo ang higit pa sa mga maganda ang mga bagay na mangyayari sa aking buhay . Mabuhay ako sa kanlurang baybayin ng Estados Unidos , sa isang napaka- urban na lugar. Puno ng mga kotse at malaking gusali at maraming mga ingay . Narito sa baybayin kanluran ito ay hindi makakuha ng bilang mahalumigmig tulad sa mga phillippines . Ang pagkain ay ibang-iba . Ang karamihan sa mga pagkain dito ay mamantika kaginhawaan pagkain na gumawa ng mga tao taba kumpara sa mga rich , malinamnam at matamis na pagkain na ginawa sa phillippines . Ang isa pang pagkakaiba ay ang deminer ng ​​mga tao . Sa Estados Unidos ang mga tao ay may maraming iba’t ibang personalidad dahil sa lahat ng iba’t ibang mga trend o cliques at taya ng panahon mga tao sundin ang mga ito o hindi (lahat ng thta talagang nagbabago sa iyo). Hindi ako sigurado kung paano tao kumilos sa thre phillippine ngunit ako palaging imagines ang mga ito bilang alinman sa masama o maganda . Walang bagay sa pagitan. The biggest difference of all of these many differences…is the language.

All About You

Hello beautiful visitors,

I am very honored that you visited my blog. I would like to know more about my wonderful viewers (you). Please feel free to answer any of the questions below so I can get to know my fellow bloggers. Remember to include the question’s number next to the one you are answering. Happy answering! 🙂

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